PNP takes early lead as Jamaica election results come in.

The oppostition Peoples National Party is taking an early lead as results in the Jamaican general election roll in.

The polls closed at 5 pm and results from polling divisions began coming in after  6pm.

With a number of results declared for a range of constituencies accross  the island, the PNP has  so far won more seats than the incumbent Jamaica Labour Party.  In addition pundits point to the fact that a number of key seats have been gained by the PNP so far.

The  results will continue to come in through the evening and media houses generally find they are able to call a seat when the percentage of boxes counted reaches above the 90 percent mark.  It will be some time before we know whether the early lead will continue or whether there  is a chance that the JLP can catch up and overtake the PNP.

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